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Birthdate:Sep 10
I'm Jenn. I've never done that meme where people look at your user interests and ask you to explain five of them because, as a dear friend once put it, "you pretty much post about all those things regularly." Well, these days I do focus a little heavily on the running, health, and self-reflective aspects of those, and I don't talk about science much anymore as I'm no longer employed as a scientist (which is cool with me - I like my job). If that sounds like the kind of journal that would interest you, drop me a line! I've met quite a few brilliantly interesting people on LJ, and sadly, having to go friends-only means that I get fewer cool new people around. If you want to hear about my weight loss efforts, make sure to say so - I'll add you to that filter, which is where I post most regularly.
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